Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer

  • Perfection Consistency: Built-in dual-sensor thermometer, monitors the meat temperature to deliver perfect results every time.

  • High Performance: Cooks up to 450°F, while most air fryers only reach 400°F. Prepares crispier food in minutes.

  • 8-in-1 Cooking Function: With 8-in-1 versatility and 24 cooking presets, you can air fry, slow cook, dehydrate or more.

  • In-App Recipes: Intuitive digital control panel and presets make selection easy. The Tastee App offers over 60 recipes for meal ideas.
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Restaurant Experience at Home

Enjoy all kinds of restaurant-quality dishes, fully tailored according to your preferences.

Tasty Made Easy

Combines chef's techniques and smart probes, enjoy cooking with simple clicks.

  • Perfect Doneness Every Time

  • Crispness on Auto-Pilot

  • Texture Customization

Never worry about overdone or undercooked steak again. Dig into a beautiful juicy steak you could slice with a butter knife. Soft, tender, and begging to bedevoured. 

Select your crispness preference, press start, and Tastee will cook your french fries through three different phases automatically. Enjoy your freedom to crack on other demands.

Let Tastee know if it’ll be cooking Chicken Breasts, Wings, or Thighs for the family tonight, and set your preference to tender or crispy.

Tastee Kitchen App

  • Explore Recipe Library

  • Step-by-Step Tutorials

  • Tasty Dish Guaranteed

  • Start with A Simple Click

  • Real-Time Notifications

  • History and Favorite

Easy air fryer recipes tailored for Tastee.

More recipes on the way.

Beginner friendly, detailed guide and tips for each recipe.

Regardless of your cooking skills, the algorithms automatically work that out after setting the taste preference.

Simply choose your recipe, and Tastee Kitchen App will apply all necessary settings, saying goodbye to complex parameter settings.

Receive estimated cooking times and get notified when cooking is finished, save your time for other things.

Easily find out the cooking history and save your taste preferences in the Favorite Collection to replicate results in the future.

Tastee Recipes

Discover your next tasty meal.

What Our Customers Say?

  • "By simply inserting the smart probe into the meat and choosing your preferred doness level on the screen, the smart cook air fryer will tell you when your meal is ready!"


  • "I cooked perfect New York strip steaks with Tastee Smart air fryer. Selected medium rare on the digital menu; it set temperature, timer, and notified when ready!"


  • "Set it for medium rare, grabbed a beer, and kicked back in your chair. When you sliced it, it was perfectly cooked and so juicy."


  • "Quick cooking without sacrificing taste or crispiness. Which is a big deal in my house. It makes me feel accomplished in the kitchen."


  • "It’s Steak Night: Bone In NY Strip featuring Sweet Potato Slices and Roast Zucchini. This was an easy 30 minute meal that was cooked by Tastee Smart air fryer."


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