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Tastee Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer

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  • Make Perfect Doneness Simple: Prepare mouthwatering steak, chicken, fish, or pork with just a click.

  • High Power: 1700W, Max temperatrue 450℉, offers more cooking modes and options.

  • Tastee Kitchen App: Chef made recipes, your favourite recipes and settings, real-time cooking process all in one App.

  • Dual Sensor Precision: Measure internal meat temperature automatically.
  • Capacity: 5.5 QT
  • Temp Range: 95℉-450℉
  • Wattage: 1700 W
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Adjustable Fan Speed: Low, Medium, High
  • Item Weight: 13.6 lb
  • Cable Length: 3.28 ft
  • Nonstick PFOA/PFOS/BPA-free basket
Tastee Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer
Tastee Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer
Tastee Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer
Tastee Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer
Tastee Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer
Tastee Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer
Tastee Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer
Tastee Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer
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Why Tastee Cooks Better?

A chef masters heat through his eyes and hands, while our built-in triple-sensor is the key to appropriate temperature.

Multi-Stage Cooking

Tastee's multi-stage cooking process is the secret to creating the most-loved dishes.

Better Taste Within Clicks

Developed from continuous testing, Tastee's 24 presets delivers exceptional culinary results. Ready to impress?

Hands-free Culinary Experience

Say bye to last-minute fast food. Turn more cooking time into ME time. Monitor your meals without being tied to the kitchen.

Eat Better, Spend Less

Take full advantage of the numerous restarant-quality recipes we built for you.

Tastee Kitchen App

  • Tasty Dish Guaranteed

  • Real-Time Notifications

  • Explore Recipe Library

  • Start with A Simple Click

Regardless of your cooking skills, the algorithms automatically work that out after setting the taste preference.

Receive estimated cooking times and get notified when cooking is finished, save your time for other things.

Easy air fryer recipes tailored for Tastee.

More recipes on the way.

Simply choose your recipe, and Tastee Kitchen App will apply all necessary settings, saying goodbye to complex parameter settings.

More Recipes!

Explore cooking ideas everyday with our in-house chef made recipe gallery. There's always one to meet your desired texture. Easy and Tasty.


Do I have to flip when cooking steak? Do I have to shake when cooking fries? 

Many brands claim that you don't need to flip or shake your food, but every chef knows that flipping or shaking is essential to achieving perfect results.
We've designed a smart reminder to suggest the best times for these actions to achieve best cooking results, but it's not required for successful cooking.

Do I need to Preheat? 

Tastee boasts powerful performance that can heat the entire basket in under 1 minute, so preheating is not necessary.

How does the Triple-Sensor technology work in Tastee's Smart Air Fryer?

With triple temperature sensor technology, Tastee can feel food like a chef and then use algorithms to control temperature and wind speed. The perfect doneness level is always just a click away.

Can I see the cooking progress inside the air fryer?

Absolutely! Tastee features a clear view-window and internal light, allowing you to check your meals' progress without opening the basket and ensuring you're always in control.

Does the air fryer come with preset cooking programs?

Yes, it does. Features 3 cooking modes: air fry, slow cook, and dehydrate. It also includes 5 Auto-Pilot Cooking algorithms tailored for steak, chicken, pork, fish and fries. Additionally, you can access a wide array of recipes through the Tastee Kitchen app.

Do I need to monitor the cooking process constantly with Tastee?

No need for constant checking. Sensor Magic operates on a set-and-forget principle, automatically stops cooking once your meal reaches perfection. Enjoy hands-free cooking experience.

Is the Tastee App essential, and what does it offer?

While not mandatory, the Tastee App enhances your experience. It provides beginner-friendly recipes, step-by-step tutorials, and real-time alerts to keep you informed about your meal's status.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Taylor J
Air-frying is such an easy

AIR-FRIED STEAK SANDWICHES 🥩 air-frying is such an easy, mess-free way to cook steak and smart probe helps to achieve the perfect temperature every time!

Jennifer F.
Exceed my expectations

Fueling my goals with a beautiful steak salad, and absolutely nailing the cooking execution thanks to the new Tastee Sensor Magic Smart Air Fryer. Any qualms I might have about air-frying a beautiful beef filet were for nothing - this might have been my best outcome yet!

That's because the Tastee Air Fryer uses a dual smart probe, inserted into the center, thickest part of your steak (or other protein choice) to continually monitor the internal temperature. I was able to watch the temperature of my steak rise via the Tastee Kitchen app on my phone, and I was notified immediately when it was done. I set my doneness preference to "medium-rare" - and it came out PERFECT! Caramelized on the outside and succulent and juicy on the inside - there was no guessing or "too late" temperature-taking, like on the grill or in a skillet.

During the 14 minutes it took my steak to cook, I tossed together a stunning salad with spinach, micro sprouts, pistachios, yellow tomatoes, pears, feta, cheese and a light balsamic. What a savory-sweet combo with the sliced beef tenderloin filets. The Tastee Air Fryer works equally well on other protein choices like salmon, chicken breast, pork chops + more. Lots of recipe
inspo on the app - this air fryer definitely exceeded my expectations! So thrilled!

Jean W.
The air fryer will tell you when your meal is ready!

I am a home chef and loves to develop recipes. I found this air fryer is so easy for me and save times! By simply inserting the smart probe into the meat and choosing your preferred doness level on the screen, the air fryer will tell you when your meal is ready! I can do my work during the cooking!

It's a game changer!

I’ve been looking for an air fryer for a while so when I found this air fryer I was so excited to try. The probe is a game changer! You will get a juicy chicken breast with ease, and don’t have to worry about undercooking or overcooking with the help of a smart probe/thermometer!

Highly recommend, 10/10!!

I was so excited when I found out that the Tastee Smartcook Air Fryer had a smart probe! The smart probe ensures that your proteins are cooked to the proper temperature and doneness degree that you choose! (Proof is in the photos - Slide through!). By simply inserting the smart probe into your protein and choosing your protein and doneness degree preference on the screen, the smart cook air fryer will tell you when your protein is finished cooking! I love that the door is glass and the inside lights up so you can view the cooking process! There’s also an app that you can download, and when you connect your air fryer to your cell phone, you can monitor the cooking process and get all kinds of recipes and cooking ideas!

I cooked New York strip steaks, and they came out absolutely perfect! By simply choosing New York strip from the digital menu on the machine, and then choosing medium rare, the smartcook air fryer automatically set the temperature and the timer for me and notified me when my steaks were ready!

A beautiful sear and a perfect cook! What more could you ask for!? I sliced the steak thin and served it on top of a homemade pasta salad, and dinner took me no time at all!

Such a great gift this holiday season, not just for the cooks on your shopping list, but especially for those that need easy and simple help in the kitchen! The Tastee Smartcook Air Fryer has a 5.5 quart capacity, a slow-cook mode and a dehydrate mode… and with a money back guarantee, what more could you ask for?! I highly recommend, 10/10!! Let’s eat!